12 Card GPU Mining Rig Kit

12 Card GPU Mining Rig Kit

This 12 GPU Mining Rig Kit is truly plug and play! Just add your graphics cards of choice and start mining!


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Fully assembled rig - When you open the box, the rig will already look like the picture.  All possible setup steps have been completed, this includes the completed physical build of the rig in addition to the technical setup.


This Rig boots straight into your chosen operating system.


Zodiac Miner's GPU Mining Rig


  • Start earning a passive income 24/7 with Ethereum(ETH) / Ethereum Classic (ETC) / ZCash (ZEC) / Ravencoin (RVN) and many other coins with this professionally built GPU MINING RIG. 
  • Plug and Play Mining rig prebuilt with Windows 10 Pro N or HiveOS installed.  Add up to 8 GPUs, plug in and turn on, and start mining.
  • This is an All-In-One Mining Rig for both new and experienced miners made with Premium parts.  
  • Full personalized support, build questions, setup help, and any other needs please message us here or at https://www.zodiacminers.com.
  • Fully compatible with nearly all modern Graphics Cards (GPUs).


Cryptocurrency miner compatible with nearly all modern GPUs:


RTX 3000 Series, RTX 2000 Series, GTX 1000 Series, Radeon 6000 Series, Radeon 5000 Series, Radeon VII, Radeon 500 series, Radeon 400 Series, Radeon 300 series and more!



Professionally assembled in the USA.  Carefully selected hardware for optimal mining setup.  We don't cut corners in build quality or hardware selection.  We pick new parts from recent generations of products that use low power consumption to create the ultimate mining systems. No compromises.



  • NiceHash Miner and 2 other top mining software choices already preinstalled.  You have the option of mining dozens of Alt Coin choices directly, or using NiceHash Miner to convert all profits to Bitcoin instantly. 
  • MSI AfterBurner - Easy overclocking tool to fine tune GPUs to have the maximum mining profitibility


Operating System


- Windows 10 Pro N (unlicensed) or HiveOS pre-installed (Send a message if you want HiveOS instead of Windows)




- 2x 1200 Watt Server Power Supplies


- Flexible compatibility:  Compatible with modern power outlets in the US and abroad.  Works with both standard US wall outlets (100-120V), and 200-240V



  1. Premium motherboard with 12 PCI-E slots.
  2. 2x 1200 Watt Server Power Supplies
  3. Fresh Intel CPU
  4. Intel Stock Cooling Fan
  5. 8GB of RAM
  6. Power On/Off Button
  7. Sturdy, High quality Iron Frame
  8. 12 GPU PCI-E Risers with Cables
  9. All included cables and screws from original motherboard and power supply
  10. 12 4-pin splitter power cables to maximize GPU power supply
  11. 2 Standard 120v Power Cables
  12. Your choice of SSD (default is 120 GB)
  13. GPU Mounting Screws
  14. 7 High Quality, Fast PC Fans for active cooling of the GPUs
  15. Zip Ties
  • Return Policy

    This item can be returned within 2 weeks of delivery. The item must be returned in undamaged condition. If there is an issue with one of the components, we would be more than happy to diagnose the issue in person and provide an exchange of the faulty hardware component. If this isn't of interest, we'll provide a full refund. 

  • Pre-Order

    If you select "pre-order" option, there will be about a 1 week waiting period before the item can be delivered to you. When your payment is confirmed, we will order all necessary components. It will typically take less than 1 week for all parts to arrive. When we have all parts, we will assemble the kit then notify you immediately that it is ready for delivery or pickup.

  • Tech Support

    • Over the phone or over discord Tech Support never expires.
    • Join the discord for chat and live support any day of the week ->  https://discord.gg/YjSzAaJEZQ
    • Call the business phone to speak with a technician directly.
  • Disclaimer

    This does not come with graphics cards! This is a fully assembled and configured kit meant to kick-start your mining career. You are responsible for buying then plugging in the graphics cards. This kit takes care of almost all other work.

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